Once upon a time it was a world of love and relationships have survived more than a pair of socks after a brutal session , Then came Taylor Swift, and since the world is full albums of heartbreak we could totally live without.

For the benefit of those who followed the dramatic plot, recall Harris (32) and Swift (25) the strengthening of the relationship until last June incredibly sweet and supportive, which caused many to believe that this relationship will end in a wedding instead we got another heartbreak album.

Although it would seem as if Calvin is precisely hold, also its expiration date of Harris and after a year and three months he has already joined the pile exes.

Before he had time to wonder what they call the album name, Harris discovered along with all the world Swift has been moved on the arms of British actor Tom Hiddleston. Although initially insisted that the separation was made in the spirit of friendship, not too many days passed before the dirt began to float and the Friendly breakup was no more.

Three months were enough to get bored Swift also Hiddleston (36) and two separated, but it turns out that it was following this separation came spirits of reconciliation with Harris. Insiders say that two days after the couple, Taylor and Calvin began to text again (no phone calls or meeting), and precipitation priests among them were long past and are renewing their friendship.