Years that the two mega-stars Rihanna and Drake are doing their teasing for fans when it comes to their relationship, so after years of conjecture and speculation Рthey came out with the light of love in Mtv Music Awards, where he declared his love for Rihanna , there are also kissed, roughly. Later came true statement, when Drake call Rihanna appearance on stage Рthere, the kiss was swift and the audience, of course, went wild. So what happened to the two, that they decided to break up the package?

According to overseas reports, the pair crossed lovers decided to take a break from their whirlwind romance after several weeks of falling in love. A spokesman for the two updates: “They now meet with other people, they are not exclusive, but they are still in love, their schedules just do not allow them to lead a normal relationship.”

Rihanna was the first one to get a quote and sweet about her breakup with Drake and well, quite Court Tomb Drake and all her exes, “All my exes are not married and not in a healthy relationship, so it proves that the problem is not with me.” Ouch!