Quite a few Hollywood stars came out against Trump before being elected to president of the United States (Hey, Beyonce). Many of them continued to demonstrate against him even after he was elected and entered the White House (hey, Madonna), but not much continued the fight as the actor, Shia LaBeouf began to broadcast Live streaming sole purpose of condemning the elect president, and promised to continue to do also for the next four years.

So far so good,  and yet peaceful protest. Ammh, things have changed in the last day, or rather escalate, the NYPD was forced to stop the talented actor when he hit another protester who came to support Trump

According to witnesses who were there during the live broadcast,Trump support started to say good things about Trump. It probably didn’t  sit well with Shia , causing him to start arguing with him, and than the argument quickly became to a fight when the support leaves with signs of violence on him.

“Shia suffered a blow for all of us”, said the other protesters, “there were like Nazis and Shia came and tried to protect us.” Unfortunately for them, LaBeouf was arrested by the police, and now he is under investigation.