Last August, in tears level reached new heights when Selena Gomez announced the amputation of her current tour, in favor of a break to treat anxiety, panic attacks and depression, which is suffering its part dealing with lupus.

According to sources, Gomez (24) decided to commit itself to a private institute in Nashville Tennessee to take care of herself properly. “Selena is dealing with lupus, but this hospital is designed to take care of her mental health,” revealed the source site, Ace Weekly, adding: “She can go to a very dark place, and this Institute quiet and private but very intense.”

As for the date of her return to work, it is not known at this time. She was supposed to record new songs, but never told anyone when you return lupus , the source elaborated.

This is not the first time Gomez takes a break from the limelight to take care of herself. In 2014, Gomez has revealed in an interview with Billboard magazine that had been receiving chemotherapy for the treatment of lupus her suffering and to commit itself in rehab, which led even then to cancel several concerts and rumors about substance abuse. Only Health.