Did 50 Cent threatened to kill his son?the angry Rapper upload to Instagram his screenshot of a character in “Power” in which he stars, with the caption managed to arouse a storm on the network: “You’re a grown man now, you want to tell me you were a traitor and go against me because your mother said? ” Fuck Dat. “The poet’s intention to be clear, Fifty add icons frightened face, a gun and fire. Ostensibly, the promotion of the series, but in the case of Fifty the Internet rushed to conclude that he threat direct on his biological son Marquis, 19, with whom ( and his mother) is found in an ugly quarrel has been nearly for a decade, this included strong words and threats in the past.,the character of fifty killed his son because he betrayed him, so the Internet rushed to conclude that the declaration of it from his part. Marquis for his part said the implied threat his own father’s post and wrote: “If anything happens to me, at least know who did it, stupid.” only love