Although the British Prince Harry seemed especially busy producing scandals and management stormy affairs, it turns  Crown Prince also hides under his freckles soul wants to do good for the world.

Prince is currently in Barbados and decided that he would prefer to spread the positive karma with a powerful women on his side, so he recruited the most famous native Rihanna.

They alms their finger to move over the cameras and tested for HIV as part of the international AIDS Day and raise awareness to the disease.

While Harry (32), flinch his eyes in the second when the needle jabbed his Royal finger , Rihanna (28), not only did not flinch, but she found time to tease the Prince: “It really does not hurt like you warned me this morning,” she laughed .

After 20 minutes of waiting: Both were given a negative result as to the virus. “We are all sexual beings,” said the prince. “It is the right and responsible thing to know your status.”