Almost a month has passed since Kim Kardashian was held with a gun in her hotel room  and robbed. Since the Queen of Trash stop extensive activity on social networks, a hard thing to her bank account, and difficult especially for its 200 million followers various media.

So those who do not know, Kimi is very businesswoman witty, and if you think it will cost just picture it without the fat check, then think again. Kim showed a picture of herself (of course), when she looks relaxed and regal sitting in a chair while organizing another day of shooting. But the picture is actually a picture guise to promote protecting to mobile phone which is so connected to it.

Only the most discerning noticed Kimy upload any specific things and not to big to Twitter every few days. But the question arises what really is a virtue or a trustee to the team that around on every step? The truth who cares as long as Mrs. West back in business.