Moment of Science : The world is full of different and strange people . Some are Interesting people and with the presence of mammoth, and some people are too small for the human eye – that you can see them only through a microscope, it refers to bacteria, they just are everywhere, probably on the body, as well as the hands of some of the most devout fans of the singer Robbie Williams. disgusting? Not the British star’s response was documented live a few days ago.

Williams made headlines this week throughout the United Kingdom, where he still maintains hard core of fans, because of the embarrassing scene in which he documented humiliating his fans during a show broadcast on New Year’s Eve in one of the English BBC channels.

Robbie appears, sweating, and going to show some love to the audience, shaking hands and handing out “Hi Five” and love. So far so good? So this is, it all happened when he returned to the stage.

Under that apparently was not supposed to be filmed but of course that was broadcast on the screen, Robbie take a moment after “Hi Five”  the fans, takes a bottle of anti-bacterial disinfectant gel (popularly known as “Snitiizor” – can be purchased at any drugstore), making a disgusted face and sheds a good amount on his hands to disinfect them

The fans reactions was not late to come, so the network filled with outraged fans (“He uses Snitiizor after touching the “commoner people” the first Headlines for 2017 , but also ones that were laughing at him and calling it the best moment of 2017.