Rumors of eating disorders and weight dangerously low are not a new thing for Julia’s and the public but this time she crossed the line.

If you believe the reports from gossip sites, dirty divorce battle with Brad Pitt and the constant pressure on Jolie (41), brought the actress a state where her body collapsing and therefore low weight ratio to her high(1.70) dropped to 34 kilograms.

Of course, such values are defined as sub a weight, and if the report is true  since this is a tabloids), this is a real health hazard for Julie.

“She is not coping well at all,” revealed the source website Radar Online. “Her arms are so thin they look like toothpicks “.

Since the divorce papers filed in early September her eating disorder worsened considerably, exposing internal factors. “She has already crossed the point of no return,” warns a doctor who was interviewed by the site. “The fear is that soon it will collapse, in the hospital and will be connected to a feeding tube.”