The drama around Nate Parker, star and director of “The Birth of a Nation”, is not only the biggest story in Hollywood in recent weeks, but one of the most interesting and important of the decade in American culture, if not more so. Hard to decide where to begin to discuss all its dimensions, so let’s start at the beginning, and the first representative of the chronological sequence of events:

2001-1999: Nate Parker still not an famous American filmmaker, but a student, and like many of his classmates, spend a greater part of his time in sexual activity. As he himself admits today, it is often aggressive and questionable, leading eventually to the claim against him and his roommate, Jean Celestine.

The two are accused of rape. Parker declared innocent. Celestine was found guilty at first, but eventually the conviction were canceled. In both cases, it was controversial, but they think they buried the story behind them, and never speak of it again.

January 2016: a quarter of a decade had past, since college, Parker managed to build a career as an actor, but still not a familiar name to the public. All this changes when he presents in Sundance Film Festival, the most important arena for independent film in the United States, his first film as a director – “Birth of a Nation”, in which he also stars, based on a screenplay he wrote with longtime friend, Jean Celestine.

Credits praise for the way the film shows the historic story of the revolt of black slaves. They are also excited about the quality of the work of directing, acting and script of Parker, and the fact that, contrary to the “12 Years a Slave” and earlier cinematic works on the subject, here the characters are black and not passive, but taking control on their destine.

the media don’t Spares in support to the movie, and Hollywood is not stingy: Fox Searchlight, one of the biggest studio in the industry, acquiring the film rights no less than $ 17.5 million, the highest amount in the history of Sundance. Subsequently, and most Credits cant help themselves and say, and quick to rule: “Birth of a Nation” and Parker will be the winner for a Oscar in the coming year. After all, how academy can not afford to pass up the chance to decorate this movie, just a year after being accused of racism and discrimination against blacks? At that time, it seemed that nothing could stop him.

Beginning in August 2016: Then, it happened, and like in the movies, the past and the present intersected in the future. At the height of the promotion campaign of “Birth of a Nation”, just before the screening at the festival in Toronto that was supposed to strengthen the position and stable in the first place and in circumstances not clear, it’s the American media passed the information on Parker. She of course was quick to expose him, and taught them new fans of the filmmaker that he not only creates a passionate and keen movies, but also a person with a problematic record, to say the least.

Revelations about the past of Parker arrived at the time  worst for him, not only because they came a month before the commercial distribution of the film in the United States and while starting his campaign to the Oscars, but that appeared in the midst of the debate on sexual violence that used against women on campus, and the ease with which the law refers to the guys who do that.

So, who was momentarily part of the solution of one problem, has become part of the problem differently, and if not that enough, two other developments have worsened the situation: the discovery that the woman who accused Parker in rape committed suicide a few years ago – perhaps because he  still want after her when she  complaint against him, declares that her family does not forgive him and will not forgive him  And a series of media statements from the filmmaker where not to successful, created the impression that he did not understand what he did wrong and has not changed.

No wonder, then, in the wake of all this, stood up calls to boycott the film, and indeed pre-premiere screening of his movie was canceled, which already caused the media to offer Parker to return the tuxedo, and the chance to win an Oscar have been  cursed.

End of August 2016: Hollywood damage control went into action, and in addition many expressed thanks to the foundations of the movie and argued that historical importance of the movie is to big , Parker himself say that he change men .