Lord Ivar Mountbatten, cousin of Queen Elizabeth, became today (Sunday) the first of the British royal family comes out and identify as homosexual. Mountbatten, 53 years old, three children, his ex-wife Penelope Thompson. Speaking to the Daily Mail, “said that he struggled all his life on his sexuality in the past, but today he was happy to be in relationship with his partner, James Coyle, Director in Aviation.

“Penelope knew I was bisexual before we were married,” Mountbatten said in an interview. “I told her I was bisexual, my attraction goes both ways. She understood and I will always be grateful to her. Coming out – is such a funny expression, but I guess that’s what I did rather roundabout way.”

He added that as distant cousin of the Queen “I am now where I’m happy where I fought with my sexuality and one way or another, I’m still struggling, it was a real journey to reach the current point”.

Mountbatten is old great-grandson of Queen Victoria and so – distant cousin of the Queen. Today he says he found a new love and decided to come out with the support of his ex-wife, children and friends accompanying him in his life, including Prince Edward. “Growing up, I took it as love should not talk about it, what is striking today is the distance we’ve all since accepting the other,” he said.