David Beckham (41), revered footballer, model and Mr. Spice, got into trouble after his private e-mails were exposed by hackers. and got the name Football leaks like the WikiLeaks scandal , leaked thousands of emails , and Beckham is the first to absorb the heat.
According to reports, the hackers broke into the computer network of a sports agency who runs  Beckham and demanded 1 millions dollars to prevent the spread of e-mails. Once the agency refused, the information was released, and most of the details where really juicy.

In 2013, Beckham ran an aggressive campaign for Sir degree from the British Empire, and after that he did not cut the exclusive list, he lashed by email and in write : “They are a bunch of sons of B ***  I did not expect anything else! Who chooses the winners of this ?! shame, if I was American I won something like a decade ago in another email: “I do not mind a knighthood.” The main thing is to show good sportsmanship, eh, David?

Also Personal stuff are not missing: Those who did received the title of knighthood like the British singer Katherine Jenkins. Beckham’s response was not supportive, and one is Email he wrote: “The Order of the British Empire for what? to sing in rugby games and snore cocaine what a F *** joke .

But the relationship that is most at risk for the footballer is with the organization UNICEF. The cooperation between Beckham and the Unicef went on for years, and the athlete is considered one of the biggest fund-raisers and most profitable one. But it turns out when they ask Beckham to contribute for Unicef his own money, he was not enthusiastic about it. they offered Beckham – valued at 280 million pounds -and they ask him to help them get people started to donate, and will grant them a prize worth one million dollars. Beckham was less enthusiastic: “I do not want to give them my money for this purpose. to wast 1 million dollars for this it is like putting my money. If the fund did not exist – it was my money. I own this F *** property.”