The drama of Mischa Barton in favor of those who dosen’t managed to track: the O.C star problematic behavior that she suffered last weekend than at least initially portrayed as a sort of mental breakdown, when she hung on the balcony of her apartment and mumbling for several minutes irrational manifesto.

After dropping to the ground, neighbors who feared that she end the episode in a suicide, were quick to call an ambulance for Mischa (31) was taken to hospital for psychiatric observation.

A day later, Burton was released and the statement she gave to the media said that despite the rumors (and similar collapse experienced in 2009), she gave herself voluntarily to the hospital to diagnose the condition, where it finds that she was drugged-drug rape in her beverages at her birthday celebration day ago .

Neighbors and acquaintances on the other hand told the website TMZ, which was the first to upload the video documenting the worrying behavior that Barton is on the fast track to crash and suffer from mental Disease and she is unstable for almost a year, one that includes bursts of tears and frequent rage tamper are alarming and often come with a lot of wild partying Hope that the end will be good.