After that offered sexual favors to anyone who will fill the patriotic duty and vote for Hillary Clinton and was also sufficient to spark rumors of a new romance with British actor Idris Elba, Madonna decided to complete the trio with a visit photo display featuring her.

The Queen of Pop arrived in London to a photo display of her friends photographers the star was of course herself. Instead of switching between the distinguished guests, shake hands politely and perhaps even take a selfie or two, Madonna chose to go straight to business and mix it with a lot of pleasure: and alcohol.

When holding a glass of wine and drink too much alcohol in her blood, Madonna (58), dressed in leather pants and matching jacket torn, decided that the best place to spend the evening will be on the floor with a glass of wine.

Madonna chatted with guests Instead, she played with her cell phone and generally drew the attention of those present. “The bodyguards did not want her to photographed that way, but did not seem to care,  The Sun “She laughed and seemed she had a lot of fun.”