“I want my kids to have brothers, but the doctors do not think it’s safe,” Kim Kardashian said in a promo of the next episode of the keep it up with the Kardashians that make her the star of the Kardashian family. Indeed, less than a year and a half after the birth of her second son, Saint, Kim Kardashian informs the world that two is nice, but she wants the ice cream they get for the third time.

In the short video that promotes the episode, you can see the family’s reactions to the dramatic announcement, and let’s say that on the scale between joy and fear, they are closer to the part of fear. You can also see Kim at the clinic, consult her doctor about chances of conceiving and give birth once more, after a second and difficult pregnancy, which extract from her magical parenting quotes such as “I do not enjoy one moment” and “Most of the time I feel disgusting.” So it seems that the myth about the body that forgets the suffering and the fatigue is true, and in the end remember only the beautiful moments, like this moment:

While Kortney and Chloe, at least according to the clip, were content with stunned faces, it should be recalled that when the subject first came up, Kris provided the worried voice of the house, which takes into account the doctors’ warnings and the dangers of Kim’s previous pregnancies, and said to her daughter, “You can also bleed to death.”