Of all the things to copy from your older sister,when we took it seriously. Kendall Jenner (21), the fashionable quality of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was robbed last night.

Jenner went home around eight o’clock, just after midnight noticed that some of her jewelry were taken from the bedroom. She immediately alerted the police and the police estimated of the stolen jewelry worth 200,000 Dollars

Kendall purchased the Hollywood Hills home last summer. The house once belonged to the actors John Krasinski ( “The Office”) and Emily Blunt ( “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Girl on the Train”) and sold to Miss Jenner the house in 6 and a half million dollars.

Lately, increased cases of theft from celebrities homes, and in recent months looted valuables from their homes also of Alanis Morissette and famous dog trainer, Cesar Millan.

Recall, in November her older sister Kim Kardashian got robbed in her hotel room in which she was in Paris. The robbers tied Kim, locked her in the bathroom and left the area with jewelry worth millions of dollars. Thanks to international cooperation, the French police locates these days the terrorists carried out the break-in and assault of the Kardashian.