Kendall (21) and Kylie (19), looked beautiful and glamorous at the E Channel party (Channel which airs their reality show, of course).
Immediately after the Golden Globe red carpet was rolled and returned to the closet until next year, but do not mistake then through wild celebrations into the night was paved, but just the opposite.

Apparently the two got rejected pratty embarrassing to any other party that they tried to sneak why? Well, simply because of their family name is Jenner, and in some quarters in Hollywood its rhymes with trash, mess, and that not sit well with other A-list Celebrities that come to let off some steam after not eating or drinking for several months.

“They have received a negative response from any party that they tried to go, including HBO and FOX, informed source told gossip website” Radar Online “.” They were really down the only party that they had managed to enter was E! “.
So what’s the real reason you’re wondering for the rejection? Well, if you ask Kendall no doubt the fault is in Little Sis Kylie, because her relentless attention-seeking giving a bad impression.

“Kendall told all her friends that if Kylie was not with her, she sure was able to enter the party without a problem.