This year probably god angry about Kim Kardashian in particular, insists that he seems to make last month detract from her life. Now, her boyfriend, Kanye West helping also in his own way and as always it is tender and full of tact.

Two days before the 36th anniversary of Kim (that is to say that today, Friday), West (45) want to earn a few Dollars out in favor of the family and went to perform on stage in Seattle. From one set to another, he felt a strong need to somehow make his appearance in Chapter Ricki Lake, and opened the offensive on good friend and former colleague Jay-Z.

It started manifesto nervous about it because of the rivalry between the Tiidl music label Jay-Z to Apple, there is no chance that the two will again work together as the album watch the throne in 2011, but it was just the opening gambit of what really makes buying a stomachache – how  Jay-Z and Beyonce were conducted after the robbery of Kim.

“Do not call me after the robbery and ask me ‘how I feel. You want to know how I feel? Will come to visit us,” West shouted to the audience. “Bring the children with you as if we are brothers” in anger, and noted that since Northwestern St born, they have never met or played with Blue Ivy, the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Fans in both camps did not stay indifferent West’s attack on the royal couple, and began to argue in a tweets war.

“Kimi will survive long after Jay-Z and Beyonce,” Kim tweeted support and Kanye , while a fan of Beyonce and Jay-Z replied: “If Kimi had a normal life, so yes, I was angry, but you’re talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z, you’re lucky you got a phone call from them at all. ”

Another fan added that it is not at all surprising that Jay-Z and Beyonce did not come to visit Kim and Kanye , after their failure to get to their wedding in 2014, and from the side of Beyonce and Jay-Z fan pointed out that no one would want to mess with Kim and Kenya that they are recording everything. Overall, we would suggest buying the hint and the words of the famous phrase, to go look for his friends.