It seems that life gave Kanye West a chance¬†, but instead to use them – he simply destroy them. In other words: the famous rapper don’t care from the warnings that he receives from above and continues to do as he please, yesterday (Monday), despite the repeated pleas of his doctors – Mr. West want out into the world and spent a wild night in New York.

Last night, came West, accompanied by his entourage, on the streets of New York, like he not suffering from a nervous breakdown just a few weeks ago. West, completely ignoring the orders of the doctors or the requests of his wife, Kim Kardashian, rotated among the various pubs and enjoy the company of the paparazzi.

“Kim still deny that they are divorcing,” said close friend, “but things are definitely not great between her and Kanye. He should relax and focus on his recovery. Instead, he had a really wild weekend ¬†and he finished to rest, even though Kim nagging him,” the source said and continued, “it also seems that kim is unhappy and spend the most time with her family.”


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