There is a chance for you Justin Bieber fans to spend an entire night with Justin . why? That seems Bieber is bored that he invites anonymity girls to spend the night with him after the show.

Canadian singer, who spends these days in Prague, as part of his tour, he wanted some, girls to entertain him after his performance, then he turned to the right people to get him what he wanted.

“he takes eight beautiful girls for dinner and a party with Justin Bieber in Prague,” says the Facebook status of a woman who calls herself a modeling agent, “its free at charge”. If you are interested send me a message as soon as possible. Those who choose to get an update as to where and when. I will give You’ll have to be there in an hour, be good and you’ll know to speak English. ”

Given the short notice, responded to the ad only six girls, lucky and spent the night with the singer. Ammh, one of the girls who was there said that it was not what they expected, “Do you think he chose the girls to spend the┬ánight, but this is not so,” she said, “He wanted to give someone else a pleasant experience. He sat and talked to us like a normal man”. This, of course, before they signed a confidentiality agreement.