Hollywood as Hollywood – tragedies never end until they do not come into the gossip columns. That’s exactly how the tragic story happened Catriona White, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend, she decided to end her life exactly one year ago.

Recall, White probably could not get over the separation from the funny actor, decided to take a large amount of piles and left behind a farewell letter in which she thanks the actor for the time they spent together.

Ammh, now, decided the ex-husband of White, Mark Burton, Sue Carey, a total of 115 million pounds, with respect to any degrading and disrespectful towards his ex-girlfriend and bring to the court the evidence presented against the funny actor that you all love ,in a little bit different light , not to say – bad.

“I’m flawed,” wrote White in one of her letters, “I’m disgusted. When I take a shower I feel sick. Come on .. what is this? This does not happen to me anymore. I will always be flawed and will have a stigma. So I had to get something I always feared . be alone. be abandoned and alone.

“It’s not a matter of money,” Burton said in an interview, “this is the fact that Jim should confess his relationship with Katrina and what he did to her. It’s about the truth.”

When Burton speaks the truth, he was going to send texts Carrie Leavitt, they tried to persuade her contracted the disease from someone else, and now, in moments it under pressure – the disease occurred. Another claims the expulsion of Wight, that Jim tried to convince her to sign a document in which it admits that she didn’t got the disease from him.