Not for the first time in recent weeks, Rihanna famous ex that he declared he was in love with her, has been viewed close and tight to Jennifer Lopez when he came to visit her in Vegas.

J.Lo (47) showed a picture of two in Instagram and added #love him. Sources say that the two showed little more than a platonic intimacy in the backstage and show lot of a affection for one second. “Drake examined her from head to toe and flirting with her forever,” .

Sources close to Drake (30) tells that is completely open to the possibility of a relationship with J.Lo, and really admire her. “He was excited like crazy and took dozens of photos when he met her,”

And what happened to Rihanna, who until recently was the one True Love of Drake got to say on the subject? Well, the law of the “always want what your no longer have” works perfectly here.

“Rihanna really freaking out over it,” a close source told the gossip site  Hollywood on life . “they are really close friends and sees Jennifer as mentor. The fact that she and Jennifer, are Eskimo sisters Now (slang for a women who slept with your men) is very difficult for her to digest.”