Kim Kardashian sure that ordinary people try to kiss her ass for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Damn. She must have sent many of them to kiss her buttocks herself when her annoying or just when it feels and embarks on a journey of Slfiz.

Nevertheless, today the place where the sun shines not really won a kiss literally, that there are things only to see . That is, until Stoker’s the famous Stoker Vitalii Sediuk decided that he must get as close as possible to the inner sanctum, no matter what.

Sediuk , only last week got Gigi Hadid series of elbows as he tried to lift it into the air while leaving the view of Max Mara Milan Fashion Week, chose to stay on the European continent and put his aim on Kim Kardashian in Paris fashion week.

Sediuk , already tried in the past to attack Kim (35) Two years ago, the same view of Blmiin Paris fashion week, was able to bypass many security circles instead and moved towards the desired target.

Fortunately for Kim, just before Sediuk managed to push the head scrag and see if he smells the roses, he tripped and was confined at the ground by her bodyguards team. Suddenly the paparazzi seem not that insane, right?