Their relationship is one of the most beautiful and publicized in the swamp, but if you built on a glittering wedding of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid soon, you can return the checks to the safe in the meantime that it is not going to happen soon.

Malik (23), who was previously engaged to Little Mix star fruit Edwards and broke her heart when he dumped her just before the I Do, now him got the same experiencing the bitter pain when Hadid told him thanks, but no thanks.

It is still unclear whether the reports are correct, but close source confirmed the rumor : “He actually offered to marry her, but she’s only 21 and did not feel she was ready yet for this commitment and therefore  refused”.

“She wants to be a hundred percent sure that Zayn he is the one for her before committing for life,” the source added. “She really loves Zayn and if when that happens, they don’t go to hide it. Zayn really love Hadid and he will not stop trying to prove it to her.” He calls her his rock and see her the one who helped him to cope with his anxiety. ”