This is definitely not the year of the Kardashian-West. Just two months ago Kim Kardashian was robbed what left her scarred and she almost never leaves her estate somewhere in the hills of Beverly Hills, and here yesterday (Tuesday) reported that her husband singer megalomaniac Kanye West had been forcibly hospitalized in a psychiatric ward, claiming he was exhausted and tired from the last year (although more likely it exhausted itself).

Kimi designed to expose herself last night in New York, but as soon as the news of her husband she rushed to his side, but with all the love , gossip sites reported queen of trash for a month does not live in their home, because she can not hear the nonsense of her husband and the reason she did not feel safe in the mansion when she is alone with only her two children, ever since she was a victim of the robbery in Paris.

Kim decided to return home to mom Kris Jenner. Who really do not want Kim back the last time the that Kim and Kris lives tougher it was over in a big fight during the fight she told Kim to leave her home – after Kim try to take over her house, and she began to design the house as see fit .