Justin Bieber again fight with his fans and admirers. He seemed to be trying to educate the masses around him, through entertaining punishment, here are some of the star’s educational series:

1. After a high-profile romance and cyberbullies who opposed the former Ex Sofia Ricci, Justin deleted his Instagram page and refused to upload photos to a social network.
2. During his repeated threats following the screams in his performances, that often led to get up and leave the stage.
3. Bieber is no longer take picture with fans as he used to do, that they will not stop bullying celebrating his Twitter network.

Earlier in the week (Sunday), a performance in London, the singer had to stop the show twice between songs, following the constant screams from the crowd. Bieber asked them again and again to relax, and even said: “I appreciate your love to me, but these screaming must be stopped.” The crowd did not really addressed the Mega Star, causing Bieber  leave the stage when he throws the microphone in the background called him boos.