Rumors are something that any star encountered them during they career. Some fading and some obvious truth revealed, rumors usually are affairs between stars, and secrets that fans just dying to find out whether they are true or not.

One rumor that keeps the music industry is the romance between rapper Drake and Rihanna. After countless collaborations between the two, declarations of affection and teasing on social networks, came declaration of love for Rihanna in the Music Awards, where he admitted that he was in love with her from the age of 22.

during Drake’s confession, Rihanna stood by his side and blushes and eye rolls, the world rushed to call it the great embarrassment of Drake, and fans could not understand why the star was drying it on stage in front of everyone. But apparently Drake did not think like them, and that night, began to emerge out photos of two double date, linked than ever, but again nothing official because the two seem close friends for years.