The moment that David (41) lost his temper took place in New Year’s Eve, when he came to support his wife Victoria concert , together with the Spice Girls Mel C prestigious club Maldives.

As a goof husband, David made sure to reserve for him and his entourage (which included celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and of course all the descendants)  in a advance the best place, but it turns out the sign “Keep for David Beckham” did not really seem equally to all mortals .

Ron Dennis, the former boss of “Formula 1” and who has an estimated wealth of something like $ 400 million, decided that he and his entourage worthy of the coveted places and settled there despite the sign that marked the places already were reserved.

When asked by delegates of Beckham to clear the premises, he replied: “I wasted the most money on this island, so instead of coming to me.” Needless to say, this sarcastic remark didn’t pass quietly by Beckham over his shaped hairdo, according to eyewitnesses where the winds intensified tone increased, and the situation became uncomfortable

Although David got mad and yelled loudly (someone forgot his British manners at home?), End of the day everyone calmed down after Dennis apologized for the incident, it was agreed by associates Storm in a teacup “.