While Angelina has always been accused with nervous and crazy weather, it turns out that its claims are undercutting the divorce documents the inability of Brad Pitt to control his anger has probably unfounded. As mentioned, divorce documents filed in court on September 15, Julie asked for physical custody for six children and Brad allow only visitation rights.

While the official reason for the request is not specified, associates Julie said that she fears for the safety of the couple’s children, a concern arises from the inability of Brad to control his temper and his frequent use of marijuana and alcohol. Gossip website TMZ reveals now that Pete is under investigation by Los Angeles police and child welfare detecting suspected physical and verbal violence against his children, which was the final trigger for the divorce.

Source told details on the case told the site that Brad, Angelina and the kids were flying by private jet last Wednesday, when they said Pete completely drunk, began to be violence and vocal at one point turned into violence against children. The plane landed at around eight in the evening, and according to witnesses instead of Pete continued his rampage and after disembarking from the flight and even tried to get on one of the fuel trucks on the runway.

The site reports that someone from the plane or field anonymously report the incident to the LAPD and service for the family. The couple has been questioned about the incident and the intention is also to interview their children in the coming days. Sources close to Angelina told that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her and she finally decided on the separation at the moment. Days later, already submitted official divorce papers.

Brad’s on his part said “that is taking the matter very seriously, and never showed any violence around the children. It is unfortunate that people are trying to continue to show him the worst possible way”.