The global entertainment industry in shock! After 11 years of which two years of marriage, and of course, six children –  the most glamour couple in Hollywood decided to divorce , Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to end their relationship and divorce, it was reported today (Tuesday) gossip site TMZ.

According to the report, Julie (41) filed yesterday (Monday) documents to the court, which is seeking a divorce from Pitt (52) and get full custody on the children and allow Pitt to visit them.

Insiders sources reported that the reason for divorce is fighting for children’s education. According to sources, Julie did not like Pitt educational methods, often faced with conflicts about how education, so that the divorce papers were filed five days ago.

However, the gossip site, PAGE6 know the real reason why the two got discovered because Brad had affair with the actress Marion Cotillard, Julie discovered him after she decided to hire a private detective to followed her husband.

Recall, Jolie and Pitt meet when he was married to Jennifer Aniston divorced her to be with Jolie  . The two began dating in 2005, and in 2006 their first daughter has been born. After two years, brought two twins into the world, and also the couple adopted three children. getting