Okay, so for years Beyonce got crazy fans obsessive in level of “Crazy in Love ” – but even she probably did not believe that such conduct will on the popular app Uber.

Workers inside “Uber”, is particularly popular application maintains travel and public transport around the world, have been accused by a US court that used the company’s technology to spy on people, including some politicians and celebrities- including Queen B.

It says that Queen B, apparently installed the app on her phone and it was closely monitored by several amateur that crossed the border and took advantage of their job in abuse the app. That who don’t not want to know when Beyonce take a ride in your block.

The details that was revealed from the dismissed employee in Uber, who warned the liking of data from the app, but was thrown from his work place  – and in response to demanding those behind the social travel app. It is not clear how the workers alerted the paparazzi on the location of Miss Beyonce, but she seemed less excited about the fact that she has a few more stokers that know where she is at any given time. Oh well.