Ariana Grande is perhaps small in size, but when it comes to the ego and the Attitude It’s no secret that the star with a huge ego and diva behavior has angered many people. Days after  lenaia Rivera revealed that Grenada allegedly conducted an affair with her former husband Big Sean while the two were still in a relationship, Grenada again finds herself in boiling water for a romantic context.

Grenada (24) came to the radio program of Ryan Seacrest to promote her new album and while she would rather concentrate on that, Seacrest insisted to know about Her new romance with singer Mac Miller.

Grenada, known for short fuse and her nervous diva attitude, not really appreciated the gesture. “So you’ve seen your novel with Mac Miller,” he asked, referring to her image in which she looks hugging the rapper with the caption appears below “baby”. “I did?”, She replied Grande nerves. “This is what Instagram mean for you?”.

Seacrest continued efforts to try to elicit information which only angered more Grenada. “It’s too early for that,” she retorted, not hidden. When Seacrest tried to explain to her that raising the image of this kind would lead to such questions Grande already was apparently at the end of her patience and attacked: “If I bring up something like that, it means that I’m ready to share and to share that moment. It does not mean you Ryan Seacrest and millions of your listeners deserve more information”.

Listeners were not impressed by the aggressive behavior of Grenada were quick to fill the Social network with harsh reactions to Grenada