If the name Dream Kardashian did not tell you anything, it’s just because she’s a day old, but give her couple of hours and see that you can not get away from that name, anyway, this is the new nephew of Kim Kardashian, and she got a dream!

After nine months, they felt more like a year, came today eldest daughter of one of the most trash Hollywood couples, are non-other Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna , who have a few hardships following the pregnancy.

Recall, recently Kylie Jenner held a party for the baby on the way, Ammh, she forgot a minor detail – Order the baby’s mother Blac Chyna. Do not worry, the baby’s father, Rob, who is also the brother of Kylie did not remain silent and published his sister’s phone number on his Twitter.

So some sort of bizarre family tree family: Blac is actually the of ex-girlfriend of tyga Kylie’s boyfriend, which means that in a certain sense, Rob is also stepfather and uncle of king, the son of Blac Chyna and tyga .