Imagine that you are going through a bed breakup, the last thing you would want to see is the face of Ex /in the neighborhood, even if you are working in the same field, or children involving in the picture, right? So imagine what goes on Angelina Jolie, who recently threw away Brad Pitt, she decided to find a creative solution that will help her not to see her husband – move to live on the other side of the ocean. The problem: It is not clear how Pitt will be with that idea.

According to reports in Hollywood, Jolie planned for nearly a year the for this split , while she trying to get a job that considered to be completely unrelated to what made her famous – a diplomatic position in the United nations, Angie got two close friends, in politics and advise her in recent months, apparently explained to her that if she move to chilly London it will easier for her to be fit in a senior position at the United Nations. Suppose, secretary general for that matter.

Here begins the problem, why the court requested sole custody of their six children: Julie wants them close to her, so that no matter what job she will take- will not go to the city of Queen Elizabeth II without her children.However, the likelihood that Pitt (sustained the most fire during the separation) approves the move close to zero. Is Angie succeed in tearing the children from their father?