Usually when we report on a new relationship between Victoria’s Secret model , the name that comes to us automatically is Leonardo DiCaprio, but what you know. Mercury’s withdrawal is powerful than we thought and probably the world order changing before our eyes.

Ryan Seacrest (41) forever , American Idol who is behind the masterpiece of reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, found his own idol.

While many believe Seacrest is actually Gay locked deep in the closet for years, his romantic resume includes a long list of long-legged beauties, including model / actress / dancer Julianne Hough, Mexican singer Paulina Rubio and Sports Illustrated model Dominique Peak.

Who managed to move his Botox away is a Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima (35), whom he met about a month ago, while both were engaged in covering the Olympics for NBC.

According to associates, the business quickly became pleasure, and Lima, who just got divorcee status changed after the end of her marriage to Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić.

They decided to pack the suitcase with hormones back and observed in a romantic dinner in New York last week, after Seacrest came over there for “business”, and Lima was its own business busy fashion week in New York. If the relationship develops nicely, Seacrest will become the stepfather two daughters of Lima and Valentina (6) and Siena 4. Congratulations.