We are at the beginning of 2017, and already you can put Mischa Barton the celebrity with the least fortunate in Hollywood (and the list of candidates for that title is not a short list). After hanging from the balcony of her house, and muttered madness that the world is about to be destroyed, was admitted to a psychiatric hospital feared for her life and explained drugged without her knowledge – what else can happen?

Well, what happen is that Barton has decided to leave her apartment, she had all the terrible things that have already happened to her, rented a truck and loaded it with all her possessions. But when she tried to get out of the residential complex, the vehicle crashed into a support beam, causing the collapse.

Those of you who saw the O.C must have been biting his nails you remember what happened to Marisa Cooper, her character Cooper nostalgic teen drama. A video posted on the gossip website TMZ seems Barton talks with police officers called to the scene:

In recent years, Mischa Barton is less well known because of her acting career and more for her scandals which happened  again and again. The actress revealed in 2013 that had a nervous breakdown after the end of filming O.C and after she was caught driving under the influence of prohibited substances.