4,200 free joints in Trump swearing

Taking advantage from the swearing of Donald Trump to send a message 4,200 joints will be distributed free in Washington on January 20 to anyone who would be willing to take by Adam Edinger and other activists for the sake of full legalization of marijuana.

Watch: A Uber Driver driving through 236 traffic lights without stopping

Uber Driver posted a video in which he documents how he managed to cross no less than 236 green lights in a row.

Watch: stole a bucket Full of gold in broad daylight

Video from security cameras in New York, published yesterday (Wednesday) CNN Documents a man stealing a bucket of gold flakes worth $ 1.6 million, was left unattended in the open trunk of an armored truck, and goes away without interruption. The local police asking the public's help in finding the thief.

Mystery: fireballs in Florida sky

"Fireballs" mysterious ignited this week the Florida sky, leaving a trail bright and quite a few questions. Pictures of security cameras and people recorded the Florida bizarre appearance - balls of light that most residents believe that meteors or shooting stars tremendous.

Mysterious object fell from the sky on a giant mine in Myanmar

District residents of Caccini in Myanmar Caught not ready when he caught a huge cylinder shaped object fell from the sky last Thursday in the middle of a mine gems and caused panic. The large metal cylinder, which takes four and a half meters, probably related to China's satellite launching of "Long March" 11 "on Wednesday night, and residents of Myanmar reported hearing a large explosion before the landing of the mysterious object

“Whirlpool of despair”: If you enter it – you will die

Especially toxic pool was discovered in 2015 at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of New Orleans. Depth of 3,000 feet, the pool was about 30 feet circumference, containing a mixture of toxic chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, and kills all marine animal came upon it by accident, she was nicknamed "whirlpool of despair." Depth of 4 meters, she was discovered by a robot submarine, and it involves perhaps the secret of how life exists on other planets.

North Korean dictator’s wife disappeared

The first lady of North Korea did not appear in public for seven months, prompting rumors of a rift power of the isolated communist state. According to the news agency of South Korea Ionhaf, Ri Sol-ju last appeared alongside Kim Jong Un on March 28, when he accompanied him on his visit to the area of health and new commercial district of the capital Pyongyang.

Getting to school most frightening way in the world?

Getting to school in Sichuan province in China can easily be considered one of the most feared in the world. To get to school students are forced to do exhausting through a two-hour and includes a decrease scale tree hanging cliff hundreds of feet. But now, following the publication of photos of the perilous journey, a ladder placed have been place.

Watch: White shark got in the diver cage

Routine diving trip off the coast of Mexico went wrong when a white shark got in the diving cage accidentally -when the diver was inside . Fortunately, the incident ended without injuries and diver - and the shark . Expect dramatic documentation

The gorilla was captured startled London

London Zoo visitors had to hide away from the fear gorilla that run from her cage, and was seen only after three full hours, with anesthetic darts fired at her.

China launched the most ambitious venture of finding aliens

The biggest radio telescope facility in the world's established in China starting today (Sunday) search for signs of life beyond Earth Another show of force Beijing has ambitions to become a superpower space and achieve an international scientific prestige.

Is this ridiculous street fighter ever seen?

Chinese audience crowded around the two wrestlers very quickly found himself bored at the sight of the world's most embarrassing battle. Not that we favor violence, but if you are of those who go out to watch a fight.

Documentation: British police officer smash driver windshield

What made the British police officer lose his temper and attack the car that stopped for inspection? A special committee of the London police checks cameras documented event, circulated on social networks and has become viral in no time it seems the police officer yell on the driver to get out and when he refuses to go out the police officer hit the windshield.

Where scattered ashes of David Bowie?

Is David Bowie's remains were scattered in a desert in the United States? Director Duncan Jones (45), son of rock legend David Bowie, who died in January from cancer, strongly denies the rumors circulating about his father's ashes were scattered because during the festival " Burning-Man "black rock desert in Nevada, USA.

Porsche driver was trying to impress a girl and crush hard

What is the best way to impress a girl? Apparently not this. Porsche driver show off to a girl - and almost killed her when he lost control on the vehicle. Looking young man caught on camera driving the Porsche 918 Spyder model costing 796 thousand dollars (!!).

Russian mystery: What caused the river in Siberia be painted red?

Russian Arctic river painted in red for some reason and environmental protection authorities examine whether it is sewage leak in an industrial complex near the river Dldikn.

Drama develops: Chris Brown barricaded himself in his house

Chris Brown, who forever will be remembered as the violent Ex of Rihanna finde himself in Trouble again with the authorities, and this time he adds firearms drama, barricaded himself in his home.

Just before takeoff: Two pilots were arrested in Britain on suspicion of drunken

The two pilots of the airline "United" American were arrested yesterday (Saturday) on suspicions of being under the influence of alcohol, just before their plane took off from Glasgow to New York. The police entered the cockpit while others from -141 passengers were on the plane and arrested the two men - aged 35 and 45.

Japan: Father stabbing and killing his son

12-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his father complained that he had not study to school entrance exam - reported today (Tuesday), the country's media.

“Pig heads to keep out immigrants”

Georgian Soflin, MEP from Hungary sparked outrage across Europe, he proposed way to block the refugees coming to the state.