Usain Bolt pose in bed with 20-year-old student

Usain Bolt, the human Lightning , the man who rivals the speed of sound and light together and considered the best runner of all time, was not satisfied just with his sports achievements he locked the Olympics games - with ninth Gold medal and completion Triple Triple Winning the race 100, 200, and the apostles and decided to celebrate thrilling occasion/birthday and its own mini-Olympics.

“Perhaps the biggest international game ever” in the Olympic games

Basketball tournament in Rio continues to provide daily dramas, but the thriller of last night (Saturday) the eternal derby between Brazil to Argentina is already really rare.
nba basket ball stats infographic

Team USA Basketball Stats And Numbers Info graphic

So we all know that one of the most popular Events at RIO 2016 Olympic is going to be the "Dream Team" Games. The Best NBA Players attend the Olympic and usually get most of the attention due to their All Star Appearance and been very Popular NBA Players.

Carmelo Anthony continues to break records, “great team player ever”

Carmelo Anthony continues to occupy more and more destinations in the US national team.

TV broadcaster apologizes for comments about the parents of Simon Biles.

Ron and Nellie Bales adopted granddaughter young age, and Tarotooig from NBC created a storm when piped Maybe they're parents, but not Simon. " The gymnast did not respond, but the angry viewers made an apology message.

“Mutation of Rio”: Britain Hold hands for Adam Peaty.

The great star of the first game day of the Olympics was without a doubt Adam Peaty . British swimmer set a world record 100 meter breast qualifying with 57.55 seconds, and skipped easily finals with the second-best result in history, 57.98. Peaty 21-year-old, world record holder in the 50-meter and 100-meter breast breast, aiming now for a sole purpose: British swimmer first medal after 28 years of drought. BBC commentator Steve Perry named him after the Green Giant finals illegal immigration just no point, "adding that it seems more muscular average person, it looks like a mutation until now."

The controversial move of the US team: “We will not apologize for fun.

It seems that the trip of the US team versus the rest of the world will last at least until August 10, then the meeting will be held in front of Australia emerges as one of the more quality teams in Rio. Tim grew citrus night (between Saturday and Sunday) 62: 119 on poor Chinese team, who defeated her two preparatory games. However, what continues to employ the Mike Krzyzewski and his players this strange incident occurred on the eve of the opening of the basketball tournament, which caught some players selected, including DeAndre Jordan

The opening ceremony in Rio favela residents, “our lives have not improved”

The whole world celebrated the biggest sporting event of the year, but Pablo Mngiirh, Hmraknh km from the stadium, watched fireworks and did not know what to think, "frustrating to be so close to this display while so far"

Neymar: “this tie is like a loss, stress hurts us”

Brazil star tried to explain the ability of his team in 0: 0 against South Africa disappointing opening of the Olympic tournament: "We knew it would not be a situation in which we will play and we will just gold medal"

Huertas: “Brazil can win the US”

Veteran captain of the Olympic tournament hosts says he and his colleagues are able to overcome the clear favorite to the gold medal: "There is no invincible adversary, Americans are not used to playing together and we can take advantage of it"

Bodies, garbage and sewage Doctors warn seawater in Rio de Janeiro.

Sailors, surfers and paddlers will compete in the Olympics contaminated water. One of them said: "we just shut the fuck up." A local doctor warned: "The athletes will swim in shit - literally - and they run the risk of catching the"
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Olympics Participants And Leading Medal Leaders

Countries Olympic Participants over the years and the current Medals Count, how many countries send athletes to the games? how send the most each year ?

Michael Jordan “can not remain silent any more”

Michael Jordan then decided to hang up his boots finally, began to open up a gap between public perception player Jordan Jordan man. While the player is considered beneficial to the majority of all time, Jordan was accused person even racism. Today, the legendary number 23 is used only black owner of Fntz'iiz NBA (Charlotte Hornets) and decided to stop to shut up.

Cesar Menotti: “Argentina did not qualify for the World Cup in Russia without Lionel...

Argentina still have difficulty accepting the retirement of Lionel Messi from the team. Onion aggressive campaign of fans for the return of the captain, Diego Maradona's statements and chaos Association, it remains unclear whether the flea choose to reconsider his decision to return to Halbislsth towards World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Portugal 1 France 0, Euro 2016 final.

n the under-dogs European Championship the under-dog is the top dog. Portugal defeated hosts and overwhelming favourites France, defeated the odds, defeated the fact they were without their captain and talisman, with Cristiano Ronaldo stretchered off injured, to win their first ever major tournament.

Warriors forward Green suspended for Game Five of Finals.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is suspended for Monday night's Game Five of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers after he was assessed a flagrant foul 1 for his actions against LeBron James in Game Four.

Euro 2016 final Portugal vs France

The final of Euro 2016 takes place in Paris tonight, with Portugal looking to break French hearts by winning their first European title.

Brock Lesnar addresses his future with the UFC and WWE.

Brock Lesnar proved he's still got plenty of fight left in him.


Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis have officially tied the knot.

Chris Froome takes stage eight victory.

Chris Froome has won stage eight of the Tour de France and with it the yellow jersey.