Kylie Jenner Is Not Engaged, Despite Flashing Ring.

Someone check Kris Jenner’s vital signs because there’s only so much surprise wedding news one momager can take. Oops, we forgot this is Kris Jenner. She probably picked out the ring, slipped Tyga an earpiece and “Cyrano de Bergerac”-ed the entire proposal. That is if young Kylie Jenner is in fact set to join her sisters in unhappy matrimony.

Serena Williams wins 7th Wimbledon.

LONDON-Serena Williams won her record-tying 22nd Grand Slam title by beating Angelique Kerber 7-5, 6-3 in the Wimbledon final on Saturday.


There is predictable fallout from the Dallas massacre in police departments all over the country.

The Secret Life of Pets.

Like Mower Minions, a Minions short which precedes it theatrically, The Secret Life of Pets is a frenetic ball of energy, a movie which doesn't so much get you to like it as it does beat you into submission.

2 Snipers Ambush, Kill 5 Officers Injure 6.

Five officers are dead — four Dallas police officers and one Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer — after two snipers ambushed and opened fire on police at the end of a peaceful protest against nationwide officer-involved shootings Thursday night, officials say.


Whether it's on Netflix, in a boxset or actually airing on your telly box, there's some truly phenomenal TV out there right now. From political dramas, to sci-fi, to vigilante escapades and violent fantasy - there's something on no matter what your tastes are.

Stephan Bodzin Techno GENIUS.

If you hear a track by Stephan Bodzin you will immediately recognise his signature sound. The melodies, Moog bass and the buzzing hats are all telltale signs of a Bodzin production.

Has Taylor Swift had a secret boob job?

After endless speculation about whether Taylor Swift has had a boob job - insiders have attempted to set the record straight once and for all.

15 Fun Things To Know About Independence Day.

Happy birthday, America! Picnics, barbeques, cold drinks and fireworks: These are just some of the staples of the Fourth of July. But without America’s Founding Fathers -- George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe -- there wouldn’t be an Independence Day to celebrate.

Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: At least 36 dead and dozens injured

Three attackers opened fire near an entry point to the terminal and blew themselves up after police fired at them, officials say.

Turkey Terror Attack At Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Turkey has suffered today a vicious terror attack at Istanbul main Airport Ataturk
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Britan Brexit -Should Complex Issues Can Be Resolved By a Poll?

Britain voted Thursday to leave the European Union, the consequences still aren’t clear. Nobody knows quite yet what this will mean for the future of Britain’s economy, policies and its relations with other European countries and the Trading regulations with United States.