Russian mystery: What caused the river in Siberia be painted red?

Russian Arctic river painted in red for some reason and environmental protection authorities examine whether it is sewage leak in an industrial complex near the river Dldikn.

the Republicans are fighting and hillary clinton looking from the side

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump confronts one of the senators from his party Jeff Flake - and Clinton remained just enjoy the situation.

Rape, hypocrisy and racism in one of the most significant cultural stories of recent...

The drama around Nate Parker, star and director of "The Birth of a Nation", is not only the biggest story in Hollywood in recent weeks, but one of the most interesting and important of the decade in American culture, if not more so.

North Korea executed two senior officials

North Korea publicly executed two senior officials earlier this month after failing to obey the leader Kim Jong Un - reported today (Tuesday) South Korean newspaper.

Russia Claims: We KILLD ISIS Spokesman

Russia's Defense Ministry said today (Wednesday) that the Russian air force killed in Syria the spokesman of the "Islamic State" (ISIS), Abu Muhammad Al-Adnan.

The final straw: Huma Abed separated from her husband

Latest sex scandal involving Anthony Weiner - former Member of Parliament and the husband of the right hand of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, was probably the last straw for his wife .

Just before takeoff: Two pilots were arrested in Britain on suspicion of drunken

The two pilots of the airline "United" American were arrested yesterday (Saturday) on suspicions of being under the influence of alcohol, just before their plane took off from Glasgow to New York. The police entered the cockpit while others from -141 passengers were on the plane and arrested the two men - aged 35 and 45.

dangerous encounters between Iranian American ships

US Navy ship fired on a warning to the Iranian vessel that approached the US ship in the Persian Gulf - so said yesterday (Thursday) American officials after the escalation of clashes last week between the two countries in the region.

leader Kim Jong Un celebrated the launching of ballistic missile

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un leader oversaw the launching of ballistic missile submarines, and declared that it was "a great success" that sets the country Front Line "with nuclear powers - reported today (Thursday) the media in the communist state. Yesterday launched a missile at Japan and gamma distance of about 500 km.

Clinton Foundation under interrogation: “a lot of smoke without fire”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denied the allegations that she took the role of secretary of state to promote the Clinton Foundation, which arose in the investigation by news agency AP.

38 killed noise and 150 missing in Italy: “voices from the ruins”

"Now when the sun rise, we see that the situation is more terrifying and complicate " - regretfully announced this morning (Wednesday) Stefano Petrucci, head of the Italian town Akomoli severely damaged by the earthquake that hit the center of the state. "Buildings collapsed, people trapped under the rubble and there is no sign of life," he added.

Iran calmed: “Russia Activity from our territory is over”

The use of Russian military base in Iran, where the bombers were stationed executes attacks against the "Islamic State" (ISIS) Syria has ended for now - said today (Monday), a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Tehran, Bahrami Qasemi.

New research: “Trump has more psychopathic features than Hitler’s “

A new study published in Oxford University determines that Donald Trump has more psychopathic features than Adolf Hitler.

Japan: Father stabbing and killing his son

12-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his father complained that he had not study to school entrance exam - reported today (Tuesday), the country's media.

“Pig heads to keep out immigrants”

Georgian Soflin, MEP from Hungary sparked outrage across Europe, he proposed way to block the refugees coming to the state.

Turkey: 50 killed in a suicide bombing

50 people were killed in a suicide attack last night (Saturday) at a weeding hall in the city of Gaziantep in eastern Turkey, Explosion injured 94 other people. Currently no organization has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

Trump: “sorry if I hurt someone ‘

Changing direction? Republican candidate Donald Trump managed to surprise tonight (Friday), even his biggest supporters, when took action which has so far from his campaign - he apologized.

Dozens were killed and hundreds injured in a series of attacks by Kurds in...

A series of explosions in eastern Turkey claimed the last 24 hours the lives of 12 people, including at least four police officers and three soldiers.

Merkel’s deputy does the finger to neo-Nazis

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's deputy chancellor, was recorded when he give the finger to a group of Neo-Nazi protesters who called him "race traitor".

Riots in Milwaukee after young black guy got shot by the police

More than a hundred protesters rioted last night (Saturday) in Milwaukee, USA to protest against another incident in which a young man was shot dead during a police chase. According to local media reports, the victim was 23-year-old black kid, but police gave no official information about the identity. Demonstrators threw rock