Sorry for future generations

If you hear of an asteroid comes close to the Earth, threatening to collide with and destroy it, probably, the majority of life on it - you probably busy day and night in an attempt to dig tunnels, hiding you, your children, and animals. It's probably not far from the atmosphere that we should feel, considering the theory that each day is approaching destruction of the Earth due to acts of us.

WikiLeaks leaked the speech Clinton – who exposed her affection to Wall Street

WikiLeaks website published yesterday (Friday) the transcripts of the speeches of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to the banks and business entities on Wall Street, which indicates that it supports "a free market and open borders.

hurricane Matthew approach powerfully to Florida

Hurricane "Matthew", the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, struck today (Thursday) in the Bahamas and is strengthened on its way to the southeast United States. The storm claimed the lives of 140 people, most of them in Haiti, during the journey north.

Is Trump evaded paying taxes?

The New York Times reveals today (Sunday) that, according to documents obtained show that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump United States declared its tax returns report 1995 losses of $ 916 million. According to US law, recording a loss of this magnitude can type Trump did not pay taxes for 18 years.

US: killed and a hundred injured in a collision train station in New Jersey

At least one person was killed today (Thursday), and about a hundred others were injured, some seriously, in a collision on the platform at the train station in the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, is located near to New York City - so the state media reported.

Again: Police killed a black man in San Diego

US racial tension persists: the San Diego Police Department announced today (Wednesday) that a black man was shot dead in a suburb although he was not armed when he was suspected to be with a weapon.

Summaries after the conflict: Clinton satisfied, Trump censored itself

After the first debate , Clinton and Trump say they both won, thank supporters - and preparing for the challenges follow to come: After the meeting first debate with Democratic candidate Republican presidential candidate US Hofstra University in New York, both candidate to summations.

Riots are still going in Charlotte North Carolina

Protest and outrage in the US: one person was injured in the night (between Wednesday and Thursday) critically riots in Charlotte, NC, continued for the second night in a row. Initially it was reported that the man was killed, but later amended the report when the city authorities stressed that in critical condition and is sedated and on a respirator - but still alive. so far, 16 police officers were injured in the violent confrontations.

North Korea: American bombers flew to the southern sky

Two American bombers flew today (Wednesday) the skies of South Korea, and one of them landed in an air base 40 kilometers south of the capital - according to eyewitness told Reuters news agency.

Bush Sr. go to vote Hillary Clinton?

George Bush Sr, former US president from the Republican Party, will vote in the coming elections the Democratic candidate actually - so says Kathleen Kennedy , the scion of a well-known Presidential its own: the Kennedy family.

Emmy 2016: All the big winners

Tonight (Monday) held 68 Emmy awards in Los Angeles under the direction of Jimmy Kimmel. As in previous years the industry elite gathered the Oscars of the small screen and crowned the most successful of 2016 series.

Documentation: British police officer smash driver windshield

What made the British police officer lose his temper and attack the car that stopped for inspection? A special committee of the London police checks cameras documented event, circulated on social networks and has become viral in no time it seems the police officer yell on the driver to get out and when he refuses to go out the police officer hit the windshield.

Queen Elizabeth cousin: “I’m gay”

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, cousin of Queen Elizabeth, became today (Sunday) the first of the British royal family comes out and identify as homosexual.

Explosion in New York: “not a terrorist attack”

Explosion near a nightclub in Manhattan sparked panic in New York: At least 29 people were injured in the incident that occurred the night (Sunday) in Chelsea. Most of the injured were taken to hospitals in light condition, except for one who was seriously injured.

Marine abuse: a Muslim soldier came into the dryer and asked if he was...

Muslim solider from the Marine Corps claims that ordered him to get into a clothes dryer in Paris Island training base in South Carolina - this come up from the findings of an investigation released today (Wednesday) on ABC.

Colin Powell: “Trump is a national disgrace”

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and former top US military forces, secretly wrote to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump United States is "a national disgrace" and "an international disgrace".

“Crushed to dust”: the program of annihilation of Korea South to the north

A senior military official in South Korea said yesterday (Sunday) news agency Ionhaf that if North Korea would demonstrate signs of a nuclear attack is approaching, the capital Pyongyang "completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and shells." After North Korea nuclear test completed its the fifth and the largest so far.

After the announcement of the agreement: over a hundred fatalities in northern Syria

More than a hundred people were killed in Syria last day since declared Russia and the United States outline to end the civil war. According to opposition sources, in an air strike on a vegetable market Idlib killed 69 people, including 13 children, in attacks on Aleppo province killed at least 45.

“Suffered fever”: Clinton abandoned the memorial service

US citizens point out today (Sunday) 15 years suicide attacks of September 11 2001.

US: Parents drugged unconscious documented heroin with her car

Photos taken by a local police station in Ohio and recorded pair allegedly suffered a heroin overdose in their car while their infant son sitting in the back seat, the weekend has become viral as evidence of the dangerous drug use.