Somali student stabbed in Ohio State University- was shot and Kill

At least nine people were injured today (Monday) attack on the campus of Ohio State University.

Clinton’s staff checks every vote: 46 electoral votes will lead to a sensation?

"Double-check all voice, looking at each reporting of forgeries After last night (Saturday) it was announced that the Clinton campaign's efforts to join the recount of votes cast in three key states in the US, its people of the Democratic candidate has already conceded defeat in the elections made clear in a post published on page Clinton's Facebook what exactly is behind the move - and exactly what steps they are taking these days.

Melania Trump will not go to the White House

Incoming US president Donald Trump is in the midst of his appointments of his team in the White House, but today (Sunday) US media reported that this will in fact his wife Melania, the future first lady, and their son will not move with him to Washington after the swearing-in in January

Bob Dylan will not come to receive the Nobel Prize

The Swedish Academy announced today (Wednesday) that the singer Bob Dylan, who was declared winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, which the letter states that he will not come at the award ceremony in December. The letter explained that Dylan could not make it to the ceremony due to "previous commitment."

New Zealand earthquake : a hundred years old alive women was from rescue the...

A woman hundred years old women (Monday) was rescue alive from the rubble in New Zealand, caused by the intense earthquake that struck the country yesterday, but her son is two fatalities from the earthquake - reported newspaper "New Zealand Herald". Rescue workers found the town Kiaokrh Margaret Edgar, where she was trapped for hours under the ruins of the farm where she lived since 1952.

Mysterious object fell from the sky on a giant mine in Myanmar

District residents of Caccini in Myanmar Caught not ready when he caught a huge cylinder shaped object fell from the sky last Thursday in the middle of a mine gems and caused panic. The large metal cylinder, which takes four and a half meters, probably related to China's satellite launching of "Long March" 11 "on Wednesday night, and residents of Myanmar reported hearing a large explosion before the landing of the mysterious object

Obama meeting with Trump “looking forward to more meetings”

President-elect of the United States Donald Trump met this evening (Thursday) at the White House with President Barack Obama at the White House. Trump's private plane landed at around 17:30 Washington , shortly after 18:00 o'clock it was reported that he entered the White House. However, the entry is not recorded by the media. Shortly before 20:00 he left.

Clinton and Bon Jovi Mannequin Challenge

A few hours before the start of voting at the polls in the United States, the Clinton campaign took advantage of a few free minutes during the flight, this entertaining video to encourage people to get out and vote. Campaign officials had for long seconds, posed as wax sculptures to the signal and all "back" breathe and continued the preparations for the election day.

“Let’s make history”: Beyonce and Jay-Z behind Clinton

Ohio is a key state on the way to the White House, and the voices of young people and blacks is the key to win. In an attempt to harness them to her, held last night (Friday) Hillary Clinton rally featuring some of the biggest names in hip-hop: Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as a chance to de rapper Big Sean and others, who spoke and performed poems in her praise.

Separate kiss: Watch SNL skit before presidential elections

Kate McKinnon (Hillary Clinton) and Alec Baldwin (Donald Trump) have made in recent weeks the two of symbols this elections mad for the US presidency. A series of sketches in which embodied the two candidates rivals, won the responses of the two candidates (positive than Clinton, negative Trump) and won countless references and shares.

A threat: an American nuclear submarine in the Pacific Ocean

American submarine carrying nuclear missiles will reach the island of Guam - Dependency of the United States in the Pacific, for the first time since the '80s. However, against the backdrop of growing tensions around North Korea recently, to the continued nuclear and missile tests it conducts, as well as tensions with China because of its actions and the South China Sea territorial claims to islands in the area, their objects to the United States.

pop band Keyakizaka46 in Japan did a special performance with a SS uniform

Japanese pop group Keyakizaka46 recent days caused a storm in Japan and around the world, after arriving for a special concert in Yokohama on the occasion of Halloween - costumes they dressed a little too reminiscent uniforms of the troops of the Nazi SS. Pictures distributed social media visibility of black costumes military coats, and decorated with a symbol like a Nazi eagle, aroused resentment among many people.

North Korean dictator’s wife disappeared

The first lady of North Korea did not appear in public for seven months, prompting rumors of a rift power of the isolated communist state. According to the news agency of South Korea Ionhaf, Ri Sol-ju last appeared alongside Kim Jong Un on March 28, when he accompanied him on his visit to the area of health and new commercial district of the capital Pyongyang.

Bomb elections: renewal of the investigation will it lead to the end of Clinton?

The new e-mails to prevent Hillary Clinton to become the first female president in US history? dramatic announcement from the FBI chief James Komi last Friday to renew the investigation of the emails of leading presidential candidate - after as much as comical announced the closure of the summer, many meanings for the continuation of the race to the white house - 9 days before millions of Americans go out to the polls to vote.

“We need to act”: the world’s wildlife population has shrunk by 60% since 1970

The population of wildlife in the world has diminished by 58% since 1970, and may be reduced to two-thirds that of a year until 2020 - according to new research organizations "Zoological Society of London" (ZSL) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) released today (Thursday) . According to the study, the reason for the drastic reduction in the number of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and vertebrates is excessive human activities, including habitat destruction, trade in animals, air pollution and climate change.

Getting to school most frightening way in the world?

Getting to school in Sichuan province in China can easily be considered one of the most feared in the world. To get to school students are forced to do exhausting through a two-hour and includes a decrease scale tree hanging cliff hundreds of feet. But now, following the publication of photos of the perilous journey, a ladder placed have been place.

Senior Republicans “Trump swing, sure win” Clinton’s staff: “They are desperate”

Background arrears of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the polls, and in the shadow of allegations of sexual harassment and contempt of women rising against him regularly, Republican Party officials seem to believe that rather controversial candidate is to restore it to the White House in November.

Britain will give amnesty to thousands of gay men who were convicted of sexual...

Granted amnesty to thousands of British men convicted of homosexual sex - announced yesterday (Thursday) the British government. It will be cleaned names of the convicted men, most of whom are no longer alive. Convicted who are still alive will also erase the criminal record in the matter.

Germany police officers were seriously injured in the raid on the apartment of a...

Four police officers were shot today (Wednesday) in Germany during a raid on the apartment of a man suspected members of the extreme right.

Trump on sexual harassment allegations “complete fabrication, that did not happen”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded today (Thursday) released the last day claims from several women, whereby he sexually harassed them. "New York Times story failed is a complete fabrication," the billionaire wrote in his Twitter account. The newspaper published the testimony of two women who said they were harassment on the part of New York real estate magnate.