Obama meeting with Trump “looking forward to more meetings”

President-elect of the United States Donald Trump met this evening (Thursday) at the White House with President Barack Obama at the White House. Trump's private plane landed at around 17:30 Washington , shortly after 18:00 o'clock it was reported that he entered the White House. However, the entry is not recorded by the media. Shortly before 20:00 he left.

Japan: Father stabbing and killing his son

12-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his father complained that he had not study to school entrance exam - reported today (Tuesday), the country's media.

US: killed and a hundred injured in a collision train station in New Jersey

At least one person was killed today (Thursday), and about a hundred others were injured, some seriously, in a collision on the platform at the train station in the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, is located near to New York City - so the state media reported.

Riots in Milwaukee after young black guy got shot by the police

More than a hundred protesters rioted last night (Saturday) in Milwaukee, USA to protest against another incident in which a young man was shot dead during a police chase. According to local media reports, the victim was 23-year-old black kid, but police gave no official information about the identity. Demonstrators threw rock

“I really liked the speech of Michel” Melania Trump’s speech was copied?

Wife of Donald Trump, Melania, carried the night (Tuesday) the speech to the Conference of the Republican Party, and was warmly received by delegates.

pop band Keyakizaka46 in Japan did a special performance with a SS uniform

Japanese pop group Keyakizaka46 recent days caused a storm in Japan and around the world, after arriving for a special concert in Yokohama on the occasion of Halloween - costumes they dressed a little too reminiscent uniforms of the troops of the Nazi SS. Pictures distributed social media visibility of black costumes military coats, and decorated with a symbol like a Nazi eagle, aroused resentment among many people.

Turkey Terror Attack At Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Turkey has suffered today a vicious terror attack at Istanbul main Airport Ataturk

hurricane Matthew approach powerfully to Florida

Hurricane "Matthew", the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, struck today (Thursday) in the Bahamas and is strengthened on its way to the southeast United States. The storm claimed the lives of 140 people, most of them in Haiti, during the journey north.

Louisiana: 3 policemen shot dead.

Another shooting incident against police officers in the United States: Local media reported that three police officers were killed four others injured in a shopping center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Local police spokesman said that police officers were taken to hospital for treatment

Buckingham Palace guard testified almost accidentally fired Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth almost shot by one of the guard during a walk in early morning in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace a few years ago - reported yesterday (Wednesday)

Has Taylor Swift had a secret boob job?

After endless speculation about whether Taylor Swift has had a boob job - insiders have attempted to set the record straight once and for all.

Malta: All passengers were released

The drama ended at the airport in Malta: A passenger plane took off this morning (Friday) from Libya hijacked and forced to land in Malta. Prime Minister of Malta tweet that updated the hijacking, about 118 passengers and crew. After several hours the hijackers released all passengers, and a short time later surrendered to the security forces and arrested.

After the announcement of the agreement: over a hundred fatalities in northern Syria

More than a hundred people were killed in Syria last day since declared Russia and the United States outline to end the civil war. According to opposition sources, in an air strike on a vegetable market Idlib killed 69 people, including 13 children, in attacks on Aleppo province killed at least 45.

Russia stop Ukrainian forces invasion in Crimea.

Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) said today (Wednesday) that it thwarted an invasion of Ukrainian forces in Crimea, who planned to vital infrastructures territory annexed by Moscow two years ago.

Rape, hypocrisy and racism in one of the most significant cultural stories of recent...

The drama around Nate Parker, star and director of "The Birth of a Nation", is not only the biggest story in Hollywood in recent weeks, but one of the most interesting and important of the decade in American culture, if not more so.

New research: “Trump has more psychopathic features than Hitler’s “

A new study published in Oxford University determines that Donald Trump has more psychopathic features than Adolf Hitler.

38 killed noise and 150 missing in Italy: “voices from the ruins”

"Now when the sun rise, we see that the situation is more terrifying and complicate " - regretfully announced this morning (Wednesday) Stefano Petrucci, head of the Italian town Akomoli severely damaged by the earthquake that hit the center of the state. "Buildings collapsed, people trapped under the rubble and there is no sign of life," he added.

Terrorist galloping over two miles – and the murder of 84 people in an...

Watch fireworks on the occasion of Independence Day of France in Nice, did not imagine the colorful evening soon become a bloody scene: At least 84 people were killed, more than a hundred injured - including 20 in serious condition - and dozens are listed as missing.

Clinton and Bon Jovi Mannequin Challenge

A few hours before the start of voting at the polls in the United States, the Clinton campaign took advantage of a few free minutes during the flight, this entertaining video to encourage people to get out and vote. Campaign officials had for long seconds, posed as wax sculptures to the signal and all "back" breathe and continued the preparations for the election day.

The attack in France: “One of the terrorists was under house arrest – only...

One of the two terrorists who took over today (Tuesday) on the Church in the province of Normandy in France carried electronic bracelet monitored the activities, but approval from the authorities is not worked from 8:30 am to 12: 30 - reported channel i-TELE French. According to the report, he tried to fly to Syria last year, but was arrested by Turkish authorities and was deported back to France. He spent a year in prison before he was released on March 2 and returned to live with his parents in the area where the church is located.