North Korea: American bombers flew to the southern sky

Two American bombers flew today (Wednesday) the skies of South Korea, and one of them landed in an air base 40 kilometers south of the capital - according to eyewitness told Reuters news agency.

Mexico President Enrique Nieto canceled his meeting with Trump

Mexican President Enrique Nieto rejected today (Thursday) the program of the President of the United States Donald Trump to build a wall on the border and announced the cancellation of the meeting was planned for next Tuesday.

Trump: “sorry if I hurt someone ‘

Changing direction? Republican candidate Donald Trump managed to surprise tonight (Friday), even his biggest supporters, when took action which has so far from his campaign - he apologized.

Kylie Jenner Is Not Engaged, Despite Flashing Ring.

Someone check Kris Jenner’s vital signs because there’s only so much surprise wedding news one momager can take. Oops, we forgot this is Kris Jenner. She probably picked out the ring, slipped Tyga an earpiece and “Cyrano de Bergerac”-ed the entire proposal. That is if young Kylie Jenner is in fact set to join her sisters in unhappy matrimony.

Documentation: the shelling of the parliament after the destruction

Shooting, shelling and arrests during a dramatic night (Saturday), thousands of citizens went to the streets and clashed with military forces as part of the military coup attempt in as highlights from the Turkish Parliament Building was bombed.

New Zealand earthquake : a hundred years old alive women was from rescue the...

A woman hundred years old women (Monday) was rescue alive from the rubble in New Zealand, caused by the intense earthquake that struck the country yesterday, but her son is two fatalities from the earthquake - reported newspaper "New Zealand Herald". Rescue workers found the town Kiaokrh Margaret Edgar, where she was trapped for hours under the ruins of the farm where she lived since 1952.

Bush Sr. go to vote Hillary Clinton?

George Bush Sr, former US president from the Republican Party, will vote in the coming elections the Democratic candidate actually - so says Kathleen Kennedy , the scion of a well-known Presidential its own: the Kennedy family.

4,200 free joints in Trump swearing

Taking advantage from the swearing of Donald Trump to send a message 4,200 joints will be distributed free in Washington on January 20 to anyone who would be willing to take by Adam Edinger and other activists for the sake of full legalization of marijuana.

Macron leaked e-mail Files day and half before the election

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron fell victim to an Internet attack on Friday when mail messages from his election campaign leaked to the network a day and a half...

The final straw: Huma Abed separated from her husband

Latest sex scandal involving Anthony Weiner - former Member of Parliament and the husband of the right hand of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, was probably the last straw for his wife .

Turkish policeman assassinated Russian Ambassador

The Russia's ambassador in Turkey, Andrei Kralove got shot and kill tonight (Monday) in the capital Ankara photo of the execution by a local policeman who was off duty. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow described it "a terrorist incident.

Clinton Foundation under interrogation: “a lot of smoke without fire”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denied the allegations that she took the role of secretary of state to promote the Clinton Foundation, which arose in the investigation by news agency AP.

Britain will give amnesty to thousands of gay men who were convicted of sexual...

Granted amnesty to thousands of British men convicted of homosexual sex - announced yesterday (Thursday) the British government. It will be cleaned names of the convicted men, most of whom are no longer alive. Convicted who are still alive will also erase the criminal record in the matter.

Just before takeoff: Two pilots were arrested in Britain on suspicion of drunken

The two pilots of the airline "United" American were arrested yesterday (Saturday) on suspicions of being under the influence of alcohol, just before their plane took off from Glasgow to New York. The police entered the cockpit while others from -141 passengers were on the plane and arrested the two men - aged 35 and 45.

Russia Claims: We KILLD ISIS Spokesman

Russia's Defense Ministry said today (Wednesday) that the Russian air force killed in Syria the spokesman of the "Islamic State" (ISIS), Abu Muhammad Al-Adnan.

Rape, hypocrisy and racism in one of the most significant cultural stories of recent...

The drama around Nate Parker, star and director of "The Birth of a Nation", is not only the biggest story in Hollywood in recent weeks, but one of the most interesting and important of the decade in American culture, if not more so.

Bomb elections: renewal of the investigation will it lead to the end of Clinton?

The new e-mails to prevent Hillary Clinton to become the first female president in US history? dramatic announcement from the FBI chief James Komi last Friday to renew the investigation of the emails of leading presidential candidate - after as much as comical announced the closure of the summer, many meanings for the continuation of the race to the white house - 9 days before millions of Americans go out to the polls to vote.

Emmy 2016: All the big winners

Tonight (Monday) held 68 Emmy awards in Los Angeles under the direction of Jimmy Kimmel. As in previous years the industry elite gathered the Oscars of the small screen and crowned the most successful of 2016 series.

Russia stop Ukrainian forces invasion in Crimea.

Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) said today (Wednesday) that it thwarted an invasion of Ukrainian forces in Crimea, who planned to vital infrastructures territory annexed by Moscow two years ago.

2 Snipers Ambush, Kill 5 Officers Injure 6.

Five officers are dead — four Dallas police officers and one Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer — after two snipers ambushed and opened fire on police at the end of a peaceful protest against nationwide officer-involved shootings Thursday night, officials say.