London: A man was arrested on suspicion of planning an terrorist attack

Against the background of the security tension felt in Europe, the UK police arrested today a man on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks.

Mexico President Enrique Nieto canceled his meeting with Trump

Mexican President Enrique Nieto rejected today (Thursday) the program of the President of the United States Donald Trump to build a wall on the border and announced the cancellation of the meeting was planned for next Tuesday.

Obama gives his final press conference

US President Barack Obama convenes tonight (Wednesday) the final press conference in his office, two days before the swearing of his successor, Donald Trump will take place the day after the dramatic decision to reduce the punishment of the soldier Chelsea Manning.

Buckingham Palace guard testified almost accidentally fired Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth almost shot by one of the guard during a walk in early morning in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace a few years ago - reported yesterday (Wednesday)

Malta: All passengers were released

The drama ended at the airport in Malta: A passenger plane took off this morning (Friday) from Libya hijacked and forced to land in Malta. Prime Minister of Malta tweet that updated the hijacking, about 118 passengers and crew. After several hours the hijackers released all passengers, and a short time later surrendered to the security forces and arrested.

4,200 free joints in Trump swearing

Taking advantage from the swearing of Donald Trump to send a message 4,200 joints will be distributed free in Washington on January 20 to anyone who would be willing to take by Adam Edinger and other activists for the sake of full legalization of marijuana.

Putin: Although we do not expel diplomatS

After the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Russia over allegations intervention in elections and expelled 35 foreign diplomats - Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that no US diplomat will not be expelled.

Malia Obama was caught with a joint

Malia Obama had long ago begun her independence celebrations. the teenager  'solidarity seemed to dance on different stages, celebrates excessive drinking, photographed with rappers questionable, especially behaving like a teenager who discovers the world.

Stephan Bodzin Techno GENIUS.

If you hear a track by Stephan Bodzin you will immediately recognise his signature sound. The melodies, Moog bass and the buzzing hats are all telltale signs of a Bodzin production.

Riots in Milwaukee after young black guy got shot by the police

More than a hundred protesters rioted last night (Saturday) in Milwaukee, USA to protest against another incident in which a young man was shot dead during a police chase. According to local media reports, the victim was 23-year-old black kid, but police gave no official information about the identity. Demonstrators threw rock

“Let’s make history”: Beyonce and Jay-Z behind Clinton

Ohio is a key state on the way to the White House, and the voices of young people and blacks is the key to win. In an attempt to harness them to her, held last night (Friday) Hillary Clinton rally featuring some of the biggest names in hip-hop: Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as a chance to de rapper Big Sean and others, who spoke and performed poems in her praise.

Melania Trump will not go to the White House

Incoming US president Donald Trump is in the midst of his appointments of his team in the White House, but today (Sunday) US media reported that this will in fact his wife Melania, the future first lady, and their son will not move with him to Washington after the swearing-in in January

Japan: Father stabbing and killing his son

12-year-old boy was stabbed to death by his father complained that he had not study to school entrance exam - reported today (Tuesday), the country's media.

Turkish policeman assassinated Russian Ambassador

The Russia's ambassador in Turkey, Andrei Kralove got shot and kill tonight (Monday) in the capital Ankara photo of the execution by a local policeman who was off duty. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow described it "a terrorist incident.

Has Taylor Swift had a secret boob job?

After endless speculation about whether Taylor Swift has had a boob job - insiders have attempted to set the record straight once and for all.

dangerous encounters between Iranian American ships

US Navy ship fired on a warning to the Iranian vessel that approached the US ship in the Persian Gulf - so said yesterday (Thursday) American officials after the escalation of clashes last week between the two countries in the region.

Watch: stole a bucket Full of gold in broad daylight

Video from security cameras in New York, published yesterday (Wednesday) CNN Documents a man stealing a bucket of gold flakes worth $ 1.6 million, was left unattended in the open trunk of an armored truck, and goes away without interruption. The local police asking the public's help in finding the thief.

Kurdish faction: We carried out the attack in Turkey

TAK Kurdish militia, which operates in eastern Turkey, claimed responsibility for the attack that occurred last night (Saturday) in the country -Reuters reported. The message spread by the organization, which in the past was affiliated to the PKK Kurdish underground, alleged that two of his men were killed during the attack yesterday

Mysterious object fell from the sky on a giant mine in Myanmar

District residents of Caccini in Myanmar Caught not ready when he caught a huge cylinder shaped object fell from the sky last Thursday in the middle of a mine gems and caused panic. The large metal cylinder, which takes four and a half meters, probably related to China's satellite launching of "Long March" 11 "on Wednesday night, and residents of Myanmar reported hearing a large explosion before the landing of the mysterious object

Again: Police killed a black man in San Diego

US racial tension persists: the San Diego Police Department announced today (Wednesday) that a black man was shot dead in a suburb although he was not armed when he was suspected to be with a weapon.