Following the crisis Kim Kardashian back to her mom house

This is definitely not the year of the Kardashian-West.

kanye bizarre interview hours before the psychiatric hospital

Keeping Up with the Kardashians may belong to the elite of reality TV genre, but it seems she needs to think seriously about re-branding the soap opera genre, because their life is certainly reminiscent ones.

Chrissy Teigen reveals: “I will be Kim’s surrogate”

This exciting discovery came in an interview to Access Hollywood, after Kim (36) revealed an episode of keeping up with the kardashians despite she wants more Baby

Justin Bieber spent the night with six girls

There is a chance for you Justin Bieber fans to spend an entire night with Justin . why? That seems Bieber is bored that he invites anonymity girls to spend the night with him after the show.

Why Adele lost it in the middle of a performance?

Singer Adele is No singer with the whims or provocations. she is not revealing breasts like Lady Gaga, she does not dance like provocative dancing Beyonce and she certainly does not guarantee a blowjob to those who choose Clinton as did Madonna. No, Adele just came to sing.

Megan Merkel taking a career break

According to the gossip site reports Page Six, the new girlfriend of Prince Harry announced this week to her bosses that she cant come to the shots of the hit series "Suits" because "she has something important to do".

Another baby was born in Kardashian family

If the name Dream Kardashian did not tell you anything, it's just because she's a day old, but give her couple of hours and see that you can not get away from that name, anyway, this is the new nephew of Kim Kardashian, and she got a dream!

Knight Rider: admirer who bought Rolls-Royce to Kendall Birthday

Of course, this rule is valid only if you call and Kendall Jenner recently celebrate exciting milestone in your existence on planet 21 years.

Love Games: Joe Jonas new romance with Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas affairs channeled more than once, and maintains a reputation as a heartbreaker. The last time he was in a relationship he got heart broken from Gigi Hadid was responsible for breaking his heart, when she left him for Zayn Malik. returning to star in the gossip columns, as he launches into a passionate affair with Sophie Turner know as the Princess Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones.

Children’s Dad: Pax and Shiloh want to live with Brad

Angelina Jolie has custody Currently (and this depends on where it will not change) exclusive physical custody of her six children and Brad Pitt, but it really does not mean that everyone wants to live with her. While the eldest Maddox clearly stood beside his mother struggle ugly divorce between his parents and reinforced by reports of a problematic relationship with Brad and charged, Shiloh (10) and fax (13) actually prefer to live with the father.

Madonna smeared on the floor drunk

After that offered sexual favors to anyone who will fill the patriotic duty and vote for Hillary Clinton and was also sufficient to spark rumors of a new romance with British actor Idris Elba, Madonna decided to complete the trio with a visit photo display featuring her.

Val Kilmer refutes the rumors: “I do not have cancer, Michael Douglas lied”

But this case is so strange we didn't see for a long time. After the beginning of the week (Sunday) Michael Douglas has revealed a strange fact that his good friend, actor Val Kilmer, have throat cancer, now comes the response of Kilmer, and he does not have cancer and not angry at Douglas.

Return of the Queen: Kim Kardashian returns to social network

Almost a month has passed since Kim Kardashian was held with a gun in her hotel room and robbed. Since the Queen of Trash stop extensive activity on social networks, a hard thing to her bank account, and difficult especially for its 200 million followers various media.

The Queen is not satisfied: Prince Harry is in love with a American actress

Recognize that a relative gets married and then everyone coming to you and bother you, then you are not alone. Even in the royal family harass singles, such as Prince Harry suffered harassment since his brother was married, and coupled gossip sites had numerous affairs with princesses and various royalty.

Seiko killer: Did 50 Cent threatened to kill his son?

Did 50 Cent threatened to kill his son?the angry Rapper upload to Instagram his screenshot of a character in "Power" in which he stars, with the caption managed to arouse a storm on the network: "You're a grown man now, you want to tell me you were a traitor and go against me because your mother said? " Fuck Dat.

Without shame: Katy Perry laughs on Taylor Swift

Singers like to hint in they songs who they like, who they dislike, and who are really, really hate, here are two examples to refresh your memory:

Drama Queen: Justin Bieber left the stage in mid-performance

Justin Bieber again fight with his fans and admirers. He seemed to be trying to educate the masses around him, through entertaining punishment, here are some of the star's educational series.

Taylor Swift does shake off to Karlie Kloss

For the benefit of those who do not know enough, Girl squad of Taylor Swift (26) is probably the most coveted club and prestigious in the swamp. To win a ticket to it, you need to be beautiful , shiny, and especially to be like by Taylor enough to allow you to brush against her star dust.

Kanye West open a front against Jay-Z and Beyonce

This year probably god angry about Kim Kardashian in particular, insists that he seems to make last month detract from her life. Now, her boyfriend, Kanye West helping also in his own way and as always it is tender and full of tact.

The two parties one child: the battle between Kylie Jenner and Black China rising...

After conducted a party for the forthcoming baby and forgot to "invite the mother-to, the struggle between Kylie Jenner and Black China rising to the next level, the main benefit from this business is king, their son of Taiga and China, which was a birthday celebration and invested four double especially thanks to the battle between mother and stepmother.