Kim Kardashian Defends Talking ”S–t” About Taylor Swift.

Kim Kardashian is coming clean about Kanye West's long-publicized feud with Taylor Swift .

Kendall Jenner got robbed

Of all the things to copy from your older sister,when we took it seriously. Kendall Jenner (21), the fashionable quality of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was robbed last...

Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in a hotel in Paris

It seems that the trouble did not stop persecuting Kim Kardashian. After a few days ago had been harassed by anonymous, now overseas sites reported that the star of the reality show was held at gunpoint by five gunmen in a hotel where she is staying in Paris - it said this morning (Monday), her spokeswoman.

Why Adele lost it in the middle of a performance?

Singer Adele is No singer with the whims or provocations. she is not revealing breasts like Lady Gaga, she does not dance like provocative dancing Beyonce and she certainly does not guarantee a blowjob to those who choose Clinton as did Madonna. No, Adele just came to sing.

video of Johnny Depp beat up Amber heard

Johnny Depp and Hollywood's beautiful Amber Heard, fell in love on the set as many actors in Hollywood. They got engaged in 2014, with declarations of love big, heard also quoted as saying, "is the best thing that ever happened to me." The two married in 2015 and a month later began to trouble in paradise.

Emmy 2016: All the big winners

Tonight (Monday) held 68 Emmy awards in Los Angeles under the direction of Jimmy Kimmel. As in previous years the industry elite gathered the Oscars of the small screen and crowned the most successful of 2016 series.

Why Angelina Jolie can not stand Theron?

Angelina Jolie. A-list star , you have Brad Pitt by you side get to go with him every day and night in to bed, you rise a tribe descendants most perfect seems that on this side of the globe, and also you buy yourself all alone and without a celebrity discount a place in heaven with Humanitarian activity and your philanthropic recent years.

Troubled actor Johnny Depp push to the edge

Hollywood divorces are legitimate, natural and even a good thing in some Cases when wading career - whether it is a marriage of two years, two months and or even weeks.

Beyonce knows that people spy on her?

Okay, so for years Beyonce got crazy fans obsessive in level of "Crazy in Love " - but even she probably did not believe that such conduct will on the popular app Uber.

Kanye and Kim reinforce the security team with special forces veterans

If anyone would doubt that Kanye West will do everything to make sure the violent robbery incident will not repeat itself to the world and his family feel secure, he pulls out the big guns now and saves no expenses.

Sad: Shannen Doherty shave her head for cancer.

If you grew Nineties, you probably remember Shannen Doherty and Walsh beautiful brandy, star of immortal youth series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. Since the past few years, and last year Doherty has to deal with cancer that attacked her. Today she shared her fans as part of the deal with the cursed disease, particularly bold move.

Knight Rider: admirer who bought Rolls-Royce to Kendall Birthday

Of course, this rule is valid only if you call and Kendall Jenner recently celebrate exciting milestone in your existence on planet 21 years.

It seems J.Lo and Calvin Harris had an secret affair

The drama surrounding the separation of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift shows no signs of fading. After a brief but turbulent romance of Swift and Tom Hiddleston, now comes the turn of Harris to return fire when overseas tabloids reported that he leaves with not less than Jennifer Lopez, 49-year-old Cougar.

Brad Pitt is under investigation for child abuse

While Angelina has always been accused with nervous and crazy weather, it turns out that its claims are undercutting the divorce documents the inability of Brad Pitt to control his anger has probably unfounded. As mentioned, divorce documents filed in court on September 15, Julie asked for physical custody for six children and Brad allow only visitation rights.

Katelyn Jenner Sports Illustrated Cover Update

Sports Illustrated has not confirmed the planned cover shoot with Jenner.

Why did not Taylor Swift show up in the MTV Music Awards?

MTV Music awards is the most important ceremony in the music industry - they all want to come, show up, sit in the chair, and enjoy the show.

Ariana Grande gets angry at Ryan Seacrest show

Ariana Grande is perhaps small in size, but when it comes to the ego and the Attitude It's no secret that the star with a huge ego and diva behavior has angered many people. Days after lenaia Rivera revealed that Grenada allegedly conducted an affair with her former husband Big Sean while the two were still in a relationship, Grenada again finds herself in boiling water for a romantic context.

Following the crisis Kim Kardashian back to her mom house

This is definitely not the year of the Kardashian-West.

Without shame: Katy Perry laughs on Taylor Swift

Singers like to hint in they songs who they like, who they dislike, and who are really, really hate, here are two examples to refresh your memory:

The two parties one child: the battle between Kylie Jenner and Black China rising...

After conducted a party for the forthcoming baby and forgot to "invite the mother-to, the struggle between Kylie Jenner and Black China rising to the next level, the main benefit from this business is king, their son of Taiga and China, which was a birthday celebration and invested four double especially thanks to the battle between mother and stepmother.