Taylor Swift’s friends against Selena Gomez because of the new boyfriend

2016 was not a successful year for Taylor Swift? It seems that in the coming year, the squad is falling apart and leave Taylor with just a sweet memory.

Too Sad, No More, Thank You

Last night, Lamar Odom tried to fly from L.A. to New York, but he was kicked off the plane for being too drunk and vomiting everywhere.

Madonna smeared on the floor drunk

After that offered sexual favors to anyone who will fill the patriotic duty and vote for Hillary Clinton and was also sufficient to spark rumors of a new romance with British actor Idris Elba, Madonna decided to complete the trio with a visit photo display featuring her.

Justin Bieber insulting fan in the middle of a performance.

The girls idol, Justin Bieber, unable to keep his mouth shut. After several incidents with fans, paparazzi and countless slips of the tongue, the singer does not stop at red and continues to the biggest fans. During the show, held in New Jersey, a fan approached the stage and tried to give him a hat as a gift.

Knight Rider: admirer who bought Rolls-Royce to Kendall Birthday

Of course, this rule is valid only if you call and Kendall Jenner recently celebrate exciting milestone in your existence on planet 21 years.

Selena Gomez checked in rehab to treat anxiety and depression

Last August, in tears level reached new heights when Selena Gomez announced the amputation of her current tour, in favor of a break to treat anxiety, panic attacks and depression, which is suffering its part dealing with lupus.
ryan reinolds with girlfriend

comeback for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Strange to talk about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in terms of a comeback, especially their perceptions of such huge stars. They look like a human version of Barbie and Ken

Country Star Craig Morgan’s Son Jerry Greer Missing After Boating Accident.

Police are scouring Kentucky Lake in Tennessee to try to locate Jerry Greer, the 19-year-old son of country star Craig Morgan and Karen Greer.

Kanye West hang out in New York

It seems that life gave Kanye West a chance , but instead to use them - he simply destroy them. In other words: the famous rapper don't care from the warnings that he receives from above and continues to do as he please, yesterday (Monday), despite the repeated pleas of his doctors - Mr. West want out into the world and spent a wild night in New York.

Kate Upton Laughing on the Kardashians girls

We know of the family Kardashians will not laugh without paying for them , but do they have a sense of humor and be able to understand a joke or do they pull nails and risk Botox leak designer?

Crisis in relationships: Lindsay Lohan separate millionaire boyfriend.

All Hollywood star knows that in order to stay in the headlines should produce them, saw like Lindsay Lohan (30). Though she has not done anything meaningful with her acting career lately, but that does not prevent it from remaining one of the stars of the most interesting and publicized in recent years.

Ariana Grande gets angry at Ryan Seacrest show

Ariana Grande is perhaps small in size, but when it comes to the ego and the Attitude It's no secret that the star with a huge ego and diva behavior has angered many people. Days after lenaia Rivera revealed that Grenada allegedly conducted an affair with her former husband Big Sean while the two were still in a relationship, Grenada again finds herself in boiling water for a romantic context.

Vin Diesel sexually harassing the Brazilian Interviewer.

You're a Hollywood star who stars in a hit, but it does give you the right to say all that comes to mind and sexually harassing Interviewer only trying to do its job and produce professional interview with you? A question that somebody should talk with Vin Diesel and the sooner the better.

Top 5 Celebrity Brake Up Of 2016.

We're halfway through 2016, and the year has already been peppered with high-profile celebrity breakups.

A small PEEK on Pippa Middleton engagement ring.

Like all fresh engaged, even Pippa Middleton (32) wants to stand out with impressive ring she received from her husband, businessman James Matthews (40). Middleton went jogging through the streets of London and gave a glimpse of the new rock glorify her finger. Seriously, it's bigger than her head of Princess Charlotte.

Taylor Swift does shake off to Karlie Kloss

For the benefit of those who do not know enough, Girl squad of Taylor Swift (26) is probably the most coveted club and prestigious in the swamp. To win a ticket to it, you need to be beautiful , shiny, and especially to be like by Taylor enough to allow you to brush against her star dust.

Robert De Niro quarrel with his wife

Robert De Niro and his wife for the last twenty years, Grace Hightower, find it difficult to maintain they dirty laundry in home. The two got into a loud...

Drama Queen: Justin Bieber left the stage in mid-performance

Justin Bieber again fight with his fans and admirers. He seemed to be trying to educate the masses around him, through entertaining punishment, here are some of the star's educational series.

Kim Kardashian Defends Talking ”S–t” About Taylor Swift.

Kim Kardashian is coming clean about Kanye West's long-publicized feud with Taylor Swift .

All you need to know about the “suicide squad “

Let deduct this issue off the table from the beginning: there is no connection between the new comic film and terrorist attacks. "Suicide Bomber Unit" based on the comic grim uniting several major villains in the history of DC Comics. The idea to create the unit was born from the need of the US government to carry out commando operations particularly dangerous