Oops: private emails who got David Beckham in trouble

David Beckham (41), revered footballer, model and Mr. Spice, got into trouble after his private e-mails were exposed by hackers.

Mischa Barton collapsing right in front our eyes

The drama of Mischa Barton in favor of those who dosen't managed to track: the O.C star problematic behavior that she suffered last weekend than at least initially portrayed as a sort of mental breakdown, when she hung on the balcony of her apartment and mumbling for several minutes irrational manifesto.

Taylor Swift’s friends against Selena Gomez because of the new boyfriend

2016 was not a successful year for Taylor Swift? It seems that in the coming year, the squad is falling apart and leave Taylor with just a sweet memory.

Shia LaBeouf was arrested after a fight in a demonstration against Trump

Quite a few Hollywood stars came out against Trump before being elected to president of the United States (Hey, Beyonce). Many of them continued to demonstrate against him even after he was elected and entered the White House (hey, Madonna), but not much continued the fight as the actor, Shia LaBeouf began to broadcast Live streaming sole purpose of condemning the elect president, and promised to continue to do also for the next four years.

Gigi Hadid refused the marriage proposal of Zayn Malik

Their relationship is one of the most beautiful and publicized in the swamp, but if you built on a glittering wedding of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid soon, you can return the checks to the safe in the meantime that it is not going to happen soon.

David Beckham New Year’s Eve almost end in a fight

The moment that David (41) lost his temper took place in New Year's Eve, when he came to support his wife Victoria concert , together with the Spice Girls Mel C prestigious club Maldives.

Megan Merkel taking a career break

According to the gossip site reports Page Six, the new girlfriend of Prince Harry announced this week to her bosses that she cant come to the shots of the hit series "Suits" because "she has something important to do".

Kendall and Kylie got rejected at the Golden Globe parties

Kendall (21) and Kylie (19), looked beautiful and glamorous at the E Channel party (Channel which airs their reality show, of course).


The Top Sexiest Models ranking is designed to highlight those fresh, approachable beauties that fuel millions of dreams for clients like Victoria's Secret, Eres, H&M lingerie/swimwear and Sports Illustrated.

Vin Diesel sexually harassing the Brazilian Interviewer.

You're a Hollywood star who stars in a hit, but it does give you the right to say all that comes to mind and sexually harassing Interviewer only trying to do its job and produce professional interview with you? A question that somebody should talk with Vin Diesel and the sooner the better.

Usain Bolt pose in bed with 20-year-old student

Usain Bolt, the human Lightning , the man who rivals the speed of sound and light together and considered the best runner of all time, was not satisfied just with his sports achievements he locked the Olympics games - with ninth Gold medal and completion Triple Triple Winning the race 100, 200, and the apostles and decided to celebrate thrilling occasion/birthday and its own mini-Olympics.

repulsive? Robbie Williams disgusted from his fans

Moment of Science : The world is full of different and strange people .

Malia Obama was caught with a joint

Malia Obama had long ago begun her independence celebrations. the teenager  'solidarity seemed to dance on different stages, celebrates excessive drinking, photographed with rappers questionable, especially behaving like a teenager who discovers the world.

Reports claim the world: Angelina Jolie’s weight dropped to 34 kilograms

Rumors of eating disorders and weight dangerously low are not a new thing for Julia's and the public but this time she crossed the line.

Top 5 Taylor Swift Embarrassing Moments.

Taylor Swift is everybody’s sweetheart! With her blond locks and blue eyes, how can you not love her? We’ve all sang her super catchy songs no matter how much we try to deny it, and she proved herself to be on top of the game! However, Taylor Swift had some awkward slips during her career, and here are the 5 most embarrassing ones!

Beyonce knows that people spy on her?

Okay, so for years Beyonce got crazy fans obsessive in level of "Crazy in Love " - but even she probably did not believe that such conduct will on the popular app Uber.

Is Drake the new Boy toy of Jennifer Lopez?

Not for the first time in recent weeks, Rihanna famous ex that he declared he was in love with her, has been viewed close and tight to Jennifer Lopez when he came to visit her in Vegas.

American Idol: Ryan Seacrest and Adriana Lima viewed together on a date

Usually when we report on a new relationship between Victoria's Secret model , the name that comes to us automatically is Leonardo DiCaprio, but what you know.

Earthquake Oh, no: rob Kardashian and China split?

It was clear that the relative calm family Kardashian will not last long, though, went a whole week without sounding any scandal since the mad family. So Lucky.

Has Taylor Swift had a secret boob job?

After endless speculation about whether Taylor Swift has had a boob job - insiders have attempted to set the record straight once and for all.